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Jesus M. Garcia
Jesus M. Garcia

Phoenix, AZ

Currently the Senior Graphic Designer for WebPT. Available for freelance projects. Especially if it involves branding a local brewery.

advertising, art direction, branding, design, graphic design, illustration, logo, photography, typography

  1. Ascend 2016 Website - Fort Worth, TX website webpt ascend conference ux ui digital web design layout graphic design design video
  2. Ascend 2015 Website - Chicago, IL icons design graphic design layout web design digital ui ux conference ascend webpt website
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  4. Hotel Monroe overlap typography icon monogram identity brand logo boutique hotel hospitality concept phoenix
  5. Rio Salado Current Magazine Summer 2013 Grad Issue Cover typography photo edit graphic design layout magazine manipulation design water color texture grunge paint
  6. Ascend Email graphic design design layout icon campaign ascend ui ux email webpt vector illustration
  7. Ascend Quick Guide to Chicago travel symbols icons graphic design design layout chicago guide poster webpt vector illustration
  8. Ascend Price Alert - Calendar alert keynote calendar email ascend webpt gif animation icon flat vector illustration
  9. WebPT Marketplace Email illustration vector email commerce ui ux laptop icons layout webpt digital
  10. Ascend Flash Sale - Polaroid Camera instagram polaroid keynote camera email ascend webpt gif animation icon vector illustration
  11. Phoenix identity typography city brand logo concept phoenix phx grid graphic design design negative space
  12. ACA Innovation Ecosystem Infographic Poster icons illustration infographic poster aca layout graphic graphic design arizona phoenix phx data
  13. ACA Innovation Ecosystem "Ribbon" Poster typography ribbon poster layout graphic design design aca phoenix phx
  14. NAU 3rd Annual Tournees French Film Festival nau poster french film festival film festival layout graphic design design logo branding
  15. Skye Canyon You're getting Close Don't Turn Away photoshop manipulation double exposure texture typography skye canyon las vegas nevada social media cover photo
  16. What's the deal with Jerry Seinfeld. illustration vector portrait seinfeld jerry seinfeld comedy flat comedian blog webpt
  17. Mercury Pool Plastering illustration vector logo design graphic design pool sun god mercury arizona phoenix roman
  18. ICD-10 Bootcamp: Coding Exercises for PTs, OTs, and SLPs camp bootcamp patch army computer icd10 icon webpt blog flat vector illustration
  19. Back to the Future: ICD-10 Post-Transition - Hoverboard icon skate mcfly flat hoverboard bttf back to the future icd10 blog webpt vector illustration
  20. Remember the ICD-10 Titans - Football illustration vector flat icon webpt gif animation keynote photoshop football field icd10
  21. Ascend Recap - Clipboard list clipboard ascend animation gif webpt icon flat vector illustration
  22. Lighthouse On A Stamp illustration vector icon webpt lighthouse stamp ocean sea water light building island
  23. Past, Present, Future space plane nasa star trek enterprise shuttle airplane line icons flat vector illustration
  24. Security - Apple Touch ID finger login security ios iphone apple blog webpt icons flat vector illustration
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